Suggestions 03/09/2010
Here is a place that you can suggest story (genres, characters and stuff like that), pictures, videos, music, and even things for little kids. Please don't do power points because on the power point tab  there is a contact form that you can do that on.


03/09/2010 6:37:59 pm

I made a new suggestions tab where you can leave suggestions for anything except power points which you can suggest on the contact form on the power points tab.


03/11/2010 4:22:26 pm

Suggest suggest suggest. I will do the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS thing at the end of the month in this tab too.



03/26/2010 6:17:12 pm

I thinck you shood do a storee about peepol that hav a craizi first day of sckool.


04/02/2010 8:54:30 pm

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks Ethan for suggesting a series to me. Did you know that I actually did it? I love you. Love the spelling too!:)


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