News tab 07/12/2010
I know there is already a tab that says MY TABS but since news is like much bigger than most of my other tabs so I have a seperate post just for the NEWS tab.


07/14/2010 2:21:13 pm

If you have any comments,suggestions,questions and that kind of stuff about the news tab on my site.... this is the place to be. here are some of the things that i am going to put on the news tab... A survey. The survey will be for movies. It is interesting to see what movie people like best. The movies are going to be Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, Shrek Forever After, and the Karate Kid. When only 6 people vote the Survey will be taken off and on "News about the Site" I will announce the winner. And please only vote once.... 1 VOTE PER PERSON!


07/14/2010 2:42:41 pm

what?! no 'how to train your dragon'?! but it was sooo gooooood!

i love your site juji, this is all so awesome -- i can tell you put a LOT of work into it!



07/15/2010 1:07:15 pm

I did Shrek instead and How to Train your dragon was in March. At least Shrek was close to Summer! Love you, Keep checking my website.


07/15/2010 1:11:43 pm

But maybe I will do How to Train your Dragon too! Love you.


10/11/2010 7:27:54 pm

Hi Julia! It is I! Cool website! My vote will go to dundundadun....... Toy Story 3!
It was very good and sad and happy and evil and good and Ken is super funny! Hehe :) Hope to see you soon! I used a lot of exclamation points! Bye!




01/09/2011 7:05:38 am

Hey peoples of the universe I know julia she is my friend, IM WIERD TEE HEE HEE



01/28/2011 11:01:51 am

Hi Juji! I haven't checked out your site for awhile and was so pleased to see how much you're doing. I love the recipes and the crafts...such great ideas. Can't wait to see you next month! Love you!!!


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