What'cha Doin ? 03/26/2010
This is where you share all of the cool trips that you have went on or going to go on soon. If you are on a trip then you can share that too. I decided to do this because Spring Break is coming up soon but after that I am not going to delete it because people go on trips a lot!
  Also, if someone is coming over to your house you can share that too!
 If you did something (for example scored a goal or home run at a soccer or softball game, went to an amusment park, did something special for a birthday etc.) you can share that too. That;s what I did! If you see something cool,( on a TV special, commercial, store etc.) well, I guess you can share that too.


04/04/2010 4:24:17 pm

Yesterday I had a soccer game at Brookside and I scored 3 goals! I got a Slurpee after!


04/11/2010 9:42:43 am

I just got back from San Antonio, Texas. I went to a museum, that had dinosaurs that looked like they were real. You could move them by the diagram in front of it. There were more really cool stuff there. We went to the River walk. There was a boat ride where you could see all kinds of old buildings. The boat driver told us details about every single building. It was a long ride(30 mins.) Next we went to the Alamo mission, right across from the river walk mall. I am so happy that I went to San Antonio and I am so excited to go back! If you are ever looking for a fun place to go, San Antonio is a great city for all ages.



04/18/2010 5:26:10 pm

I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy SA again Julia. It sure was fun to have your family visit! My house has been very, very quiet since you returned home. Sunny and Summer miss you too. Come back anytime!


04/20/2010 7:14:45 pm

I love you and miss you so much. ( I never knew that is how you spell Sunny)I cannot wait to come back. My teacher gave us a map of the USA and we had to fill it in with the name of the state, capital and abbreviation and I had to look at my social studies book for some of the abbreviations and I looked at Texas. One of the places shown on there was San Antonio and I smiled. I miss you so much, and once again I cannot wait to come back. Love ya!


05/22/2010 8:49:47 am

Last month I went to a mission. It is called La Purisima Concepcion. I am doing a power point about the missions in a bout a month. I am still figuring out how to put them on. When I do figure it out, you will see like 4-6 on there!


06/12/2010 3:32:26 pm

Last weekend I had a soccer tournament. My team won first place!


07/15/2010 1:17:10 pm

I got a keyboard for my birthday. You can make it sound like almost any instrument you want. Oh and i should have posted this sooner put when the name is red...Like my last comment, you can click on it to go to the home page. If it says Sabrina and it is red( just an example) then it will lead you straight to Sabrina's website. If the name is black, that means they don't have a website or they just didn't enter it.



07/18/2010 11:46:26 am

Julia, it has been sooooo much fun to help you guys while Mom was at her convention. You and your 2 brothers were so helpful and so good. We had fun swimming and going for a nature hunt and just being together. It will be sad to go back to SA, but you will have a great birthday party and another trip to look forward to still! Happy summer Double Digit Doll!


07/19/2010 10:56:39 am

See you in october.


08/07/2010 9:33:09 pm

I came back from San Diego last month and i am about to go to hawaii... ALOHA!


08/24/2010 11:30:30 am

I just came back from hawaii. We went to the mall and saw fake dinosaurs. On Friday we went to theis place caleed Bellows. It is a military training place that is on a beach. You can only get in if you have been or are in the military (ormaybe airforce) but it was a cabin on a beach. The waves were humungous and I learned how to boogie board!!!!!! We stayed at the cabin until Monday. When wegot back on Monday my parents went to the KO Olina hotel and I stayed with my grandparents who live in Oahu. (Oh yeah i stayed in Oahu for the whole trip. It is an island.) So on Tuesday when my parents were in the hotel my grandpa took us to the hotel to stay with my parents. We went to this awe



08/24/2010 12:15:55 pm

Anyway WE went to this awesome pool well actually 3 pools that were all connected. Well there were tweo plus a ginourmus waterslide. You go up 2 flights of stairs,then wait for a person to put a red flag up.That means you can go. When you go down you have to cross your arms over your chest. The whole slide is inside a cave thing. It lasts ten seconds and it was so fast!!!! At the bottom you crash into one of the pools, but the best part about the slide is that it is twiisty not straight.So we did that all 3 days we were there. And i met a girl named Morgan. But the day that we came to the hotel, before we even went there, we went mini golfing. It was jungle themed and really awesome. So anyway the day we left my grandpa took me and my brothers to a playgroung that was really cool. The next day was so much fun. We went to the Honolulu zoo. My favorite animals were the porcupines, the meerkats, the porcupines, the zebras and the baby bears with their fishcicles. The next day we went to see the arizona memorial and we went to the mall. The last day we were there we went to Waikiki. It was really fun. I made up sand surfing and mini surfing. Our flight was at 8:00 in the moring so we woke up at 5:00. WE had a blast in Hawaii. Find out more and see pictures in paragraph place.



08/24/2010 12:42:03 pm

oh yeah and connected to the waterslide pools there was a cave


09/05/2010 3:16:55 pm

I'm so glad that you had fun on your visit to Hawaii -- we really enjoyed having you all here.

I miss my co-pilot, so come back soon!



09/06/2010 6:39:23 pm

Oops -- I forgot to tell you...they took my braces off last Thursday (9/1). I'm so happy!! It was really worth it. I put pictures up on my website.

Love you!!


11/28/2010 3:14:51 pm

And i just got my braces on 11/11/2010.


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