News tab 07/12/2010
I know there is already a tab that says MY TABS but since news is like much bigger than most of my other tabs so I have a seperate post just for the NEWS tab.
My Tabs 04/17/2010
This is where we can discuss my tabs. Please DO NOT ask questions on the My Tabs post. Please do it on the questions post. So anyway feel free to start topics about my website.
Questions 04/01/2010
This is where you can ask questions about the stories, pictures, videos and basically anything. You can also ask where I found something, or in Sabrina's case, how to put stuff on the website.
What'cha Doin ? 03/26/2010
This is where you share all of the cool trips that you have went on or going to go on soon. If you are on a trip then you can share that too. I decided to do this because Spring Break is coming up soon but after that I am not going to delete it because people go on trips a lot!
  Also, if someone is coming over to your house you can share that too!
 If you did something (for example scored a goal or home run at a soccer or softball game, went to an amusment park, did something special for a birthday etc.) you can share that too. That;s what I did! If you see something cool,( on a TV special, commercial, store etc.) well, I guess you can share that too.
Suggestions 03/09/2010
Here is a place that you can suggest story (genres, characters and stuff like that), pictures, videos, music, and even things for little kids. Please don't do power points because on the power point tab  there is a contact form that you can do that on.
Comments! 01/17/2010
Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoyed it and will comment.

    A Little About Me

    My passion is Soccer. But I love to read and write stories too!