Short stories

here are some stories I wrote. Feel free to suggest genres,characters,or subjects to me ( but don't tell me the whole story because I have to show some of MY creativity.) Thanks-Julia      I have actually started suggesting books from grades 1 - 7. I am in 6th grade but I read 7th and 8th grade books!

School Days

   Hi. My name is Bella. Every Monday my best friend Sara and I see the same strange thing on the window. So one day I asked Sara if she wanted to go see what that thing on the window was and she said, " Fine. But once we are done we are going back to playing handball." Geese. I thought is handball the only thing they care about? We went to the window that recess and we saw it. It looked to me like a half reindeer half pig and I named it Santa pig.
                    Sara said, " I think we should go back into the classroom to make a little house for it. " Great idea I said. Let's go get supplies!
                           We went into the classroom and got supplies,but when we came back, Santa pig was gone! " Well. How about you come over to my house and we can make a house for Santa Pig. And since he only comes on Monday he will be back and we will give him his house!" Sara said. Great idea! When do you want me to come over? "Well how about after school today? " Okay. I said I will ask my mom after school!
                         When we went back to recess, Sara started playing handball but i just couldn't stop thinking about our "discovery." When I went over to Sara's house after school we made a 2 story house just for Santa Pig.
                          The next Monday, we saw Santa pig on the windowsill where he always was. We gave him the house and he started to leave. We gave him a picture of us so if he ever comes back he could find us and if he doesn't come back he will remember us. We were sad to see him leave that day but we were 99% sure that he would come back the next Monday.
                            The next Monday, when we were at recess, we didn't see anything on the windowsill. Sara just went back to playing handball but I stood there wondering what could have happened to him. I assumed that he was in his house safe and sound, but I wondered how could a little helpless creature find his way to his house every day and where was his house anyway? Find out the answers to these questions in the sequels to this story. santa pig's side and puff's new window.

"Santa pig's" side to the story

        Hi. I am known as " Santa pig ." But my real name is actually puff.  For your information I am not a reindeer or a pig. I am a rare pink/brown puffle. I am best known by the penguins of club penguin! Most people think i am nice and sweet because of my mixture of colors, but i am actually the meanest puffle anywhere. ( except the black one who never wants to be around anyone)
         Okay here is some of the questions that you were probably asking when you heard the other peoples Bella and Sara's side of this.... mistake.  Where does he live? 1 FIY I am not a girl.:(   2 i live in the hidden mountains of clubpenguin. they are called the hidden mountains because they are hidden by all of the rainclouds and stuff in the air, so even though I visit the penguins, they do not know where i live.   here is another question you might have asked me. why did he go to the girl's classroom every  monday? And why monday?    I went to their classroom because they had the comfiest Windowsill, and i had a lot of friends there too! Spider snake and sometimes when the weather is nice caterpillar comes too! i go on Mondays because before I realized that I should go somewhere and do something my Mondays were always gloomy. Then all of my friends started moving, but when I asked this really good friend of mine, another puffle pinkie, where everyone was moving to and she said, " We are all moving to the windowsills of classrooms" i thought in my head why the windowsills of classrooms and that s why I figured out why. it is comfy and like i said before there is always somebody to keep me company.
       Okay enough with the questions. I live on the hidden mountains because I am so famous when I go visit club penguin, my favorite penguin is named PizzyBella. Interesting name if you ask me. But she is so nice. Kind of short but she knows the best games in club penguin for every mood.
                 I am so mad that the girls finally figured out that I was there. I have to say i do like the house that they made me. It is cozy. but they were nice. i think if i go to another classroom windowsill and experirment and see if any body sees me. If somebody does I am so going back to the other one. They had the best windowsill with the most pretty flowers. I hope the girls don't miss me too much but I will miss them. It was kind of nice watching them play handball. when I watched them and they looked at me i knew they were going to be the ones that would figure me out.

Puff's Other Window

Hey. Remember me Puff? I have been looking at newspapers and finding windows but I cannot find any that were cozy enough. :(    As a matter of fact that is what I am doing right now!
                    Wait a minute, this looks perfect! Here is a school that is right across from Bella and Sara's school! And it looks 5 times comfier than Sara and Bella's school! The best part is that i can visit Sara and Bella when these kindergarteners are done with school I can go visit the 3rd graders ( particularly Sara and Bella ) until they are done with school! But there is 1 problem. I am only allowed to go on windowsills that my mom lets me go to and I just threw away the picture in the newspaper. Wait! Maybe the garbage truck didn't come yet! Oh no it was too late.
            Wait! Wait! I called after the truck but when he turned around he didn't see me  because I was so tiny.  Maybe if nobody teaches the school it will come out in the newspaper. 
                      I can't sleep tonight. I am so worried about the newspaper thing. What if it is never in the paper again and I will never see Bella and Sara again. So I went back to my old feelings book and I looked at a page called ... " What is the worst that can happen?"  So I thought about it .... well I can't move to the window that i liked and I will never see Bella and Sara again. :(   And I turned to the next page called " What will be the outcome?" Well I will still have the house that they made me so I will always remember them. And if I move to a new window, than I will most likely meet 2 more people that will find me and I could become friends with them, but then a few weeks after that then I will have to move again and then maybe that other school will be open again! than I went to bed with a happy feeling in my head!
           When I got up the next morning I found 2 newspapers lying down on the floor. One had fancy windows in it and the other one only had some windows and schools in them. I read the regular one first and there it was the school that I was looking at yesterday!!!!! I new that feelings book wouldn't let me down. I new that I would see the girls again so I ripped out the address of that school and headed for my mom's house!
          When I reached her house I said mommy can I please please please move to this window just 2 times a week???!!! And then she opened the door and she led me to her couch. She asked me her usual questions. Why do you want to move there? When are you going? and all of that kind of stuff. I answered her. Look here. Remember Sara and Bella? This is the kindergarteners school. Right across from Bella and Sara's school so when the kindergarteners are done I will visit Sara and Bella's school just in time for recess.   And I will probably leave well the day after tomorrow because tomorrow is Sunday so I will go to school Monday and Thursday. She said okay and I will see you after school tomorrow!
                         On Monday I went to school but I didn't need the address because I knew by heart where to go to Bella and Sara's school. When I reached it it looked familiar to me which was a good thing.
                          I found the window that looked like the comfy one but it was covered with spiderwebs. Remember I do not mind spiders but spider webs are just gross. :(  Then I saw the window. It was actually comfier than it looks. :)   That is when I saw it. It was a telescope in the middle of the window then I realized every single window had a telescope tiny enough for me attatched to the so I looked out of one of them and there it was. I saw that Sara and Bella's school was covered with telescopes but bigger they all said "  help us find Santa pig " So I looked and found Sara and Bella looking all over for me and then I decided to do what I must do. I also saw a mini cannon. Right across the school and I took my mini backpack into the cannon with me. And I was off but then I figured out where I landed. The school cafeteria. EW I said accidentally a little bit too loud. Sara heard me. "Santa Pig " and everybody started to crowd around me. They didn't know that I could talk but I surprised them and said... " Excuse me. But I do not like to be called Santa Pig. I prefer to be called my real name. Puff." And thank you Sara and Bella for the wonderful house that you made me. I picked it up the last time I came."  "Will anyone like to hear my story?"  And I told everyone the story I just told you.
                                             THE END.

Bella and Puff's Bad News?

    Hi. Remember us? Bella and Puff?   
          So I don't mean to start this story with bad news,but here is some bad news. So when we re-introduced ourselves,why we didn't say Sara's name either? Well,Sara actually moved last week.
                          BELLA:  Well I can't believe that my best best best friend's house caught on fire. Why her? I will miss herso so so much. The best roomy closest house she could find was in Danville. We live in Los Angeles.  My mom said the next time we will see her was at my birthday party. That is in January it is almost Halloween. Good news... Sara's family said that they would be looking for a house closer to us every time they get a newspaper. PUFF: Maybe I could help. I have looked through a lot of real estate newspapers before! As of the last story! BELLA: Thank you puff now let's go on the phone with Sara!

              SARA: hello
 BELLA:Hey Sara. It is Bella. How is your new house?
SARA: Hey Bella: I miss you so so much. My house is ...dull. It is so boring there is no parks a round it, there are no handball courts, and there is no people in the small town that I live in(population 22).
 BELLA: Wow. I never thought that danville could be so boring, and unanimated. Phineas and Ferb are the best.
SARA: Oh by the way, how is puff?
BELLA:Oh Puff is doing great!
PUFF: Bet you didn't know this was a three way conversation
SARA: Hi Puff. I miss you so so much.
BELLA: Sorry Sara it is dinnertime. I will call you back soon
SARA: I hope I hear from you soon. Bye Bye
Mom,what's for dinner? "Well, since Sara moved away I thought we could go visit her. We will get there around 5:00 so we will be able to play an hour before dinner."  Really mom? You would actually do that? I thought the next time we were going to see her was in January. How long are we staying? "Well since it is really close to Halloween, we will stay there until november 1. We will leave on November 2nd."Thanks mom. Does Sara know? "Well what day is the first?" It is Sara's birthday! "Her mom told me that she didn't want to have a birthday party if you couldn't come. They aren't having a party because Sara said she wanted to hang out with you and play with Puff."  Mom. Can I please please please bring Puff with me. I will miss him and Sara already misses them. "OK" Thanks mom. We will have so much fun! I went in and told puff and we started packing. I knew this would be the best trip of my life. I would finally see my best friend again!

The Good News

         We had just got off of the airplane when I  heard somebody screaming my name.   Oh No! :( It was Jeanne from Kindergarten. She was the meanest person in Kindergarten and nobody liked her. Every single day she asked me if we could be friends,and every single day I ignored her. I kind of feel bad about it now but, it was 3 1/2 years ago, so there is no way her parents will remember me so we can't really be " official" friends.
                         " Hey Bella. What are you doing here?"   Well back then her only friend was Sara and they were both mean. I didn't want to tell her that I was here to visit Sara so I said, Well I am here to visit some friends. Why are you here? " Well I am going back to LA to go visit Sara." I didn't have the heart to tell her that Sara moved here and that is who I am going to visit. I was super confused. Wait right there Jeanne, I am going to go ask  my mom something. Mom. Jeanne said she was going to go surprise Sara at LA.Is that true? "Well I suppose I could cal her but I am pretty sure that Sara is here in Danville." No but after you get off of the phone Jeanne and her family will already be on the plane.  Can I just talk to her really quick? "Do you know her phone number?" Yea! I just got a phone so I really do not know a lot of numbers yet. 
   BELLA: Hey Sara
    SARA: Hey Belle. What's up?
       BELLA: I just ran into Jeanne from kindergarten and we were arguing about were you lived. Do you live in Danville or LA?
    SARA: Well I still live in Danville but that subject is soon to change! Oh by the way... I didn't recognize the phone number when you called. Did you get a new phone?
BELLA: Yea I did
SARA: Me too!
BELLA: I will call you in a little while. I have to talk to Jeanne
SARA: by Belle. I will talk to you soon
BELLA: See ya                
                    Jeanne wait! Don't go on that plane yet! I just got off the phone with Sara. She lives in Danville and her birthday is November 1, and that is who I am visiting. We will have a birthday dinner celebration thing. Sara doesn't know yet though. " Oh" She sounded disappointed. She had never been on a plane before. Wait. I will make a deal with you. If you come to the birthday celebration with me and Sara and our families, you can come over to my house. ON AN AIRPLANE. And Sara is supposed to move back soon,so if she moves back to LA soon we can all go. " But I moved here a few years ago." So you can just go on a little trip. "Cool. Our flight was postponed until the 3rd anyway." Well we are leaving on the 2nd so we will see you the day after we come home. Even if Sara doesn't move back yet,we can still all have a little vacation. "Great idea! Thank you so much. I am going to go ask my parents!
                     This is going to be great. I just made a new friend that I used to hate, and I am going to have a little surprise birthday celebration thing with all of them.
                      Ding-Dong. " Sara. Please get the door." " OK Mom" Oh my gosh. Bella, Jeanne. What are you doing here? " Well i live in Danville now and she just came here for a Halloween,birthday celebration''   Thank you so much for thinking of me. We will start getting our costumes ready for tomorrow and we will have dinner,go to sleep, and tell scary stories and play.
                I knew this would be the best vacation ever. Even more than I did before.

The Normal First Day of School  or is it?

 It started out with me and my 2 best friends at on a normal vacation on a normal Summer but school is a whole different story. I will tell you that whole different story. Hi my name is Veronica my best friends are Danielle and Grace. On August 28th we will finally be in 6th grade. I am enjoying my Summer but I am really curious to see what Middle School is like.
          Okay. In Cherrymountain elementary school ( which is where we went ) we all had nicknames. I was known as the V girl. Danielle was Danny. And Grace was known as Big G. 
            Now I will tell you the story of the craziest first day of school in my life. I told you our nicknames so you know who I  am referring to in  my story.

        It was a nice warm day in August. My best friends and I were going to school and these weird kids were coming toward us acting like mummies or zombies or something. " Hey look it's V girl and her gang. Let's play a trick on them."      " Hey V girl Danny Big G. We have heard about you guys. What are you doing here?  Um... we are going to school. What does it look like?  " Well  you DO NOT want to go here. It is the worst school ever. The nurse looks like a big glob of slime, the buses are not very roomy, they stink and the bus driver chats in a foreign language. The teachers didn't know anything and they spoke like this aadabaaddapohfoo. that is dumb teacher language for it is time to take out your math from last night. But worst of all. The principal they hired is a dog. Yeah everybody loves dogs but seriously a dog principal. I am glad we are still alive. " We later figured out that the real story is... This is the best school ever. You will be so happy. The nurse is so nice and she listens to everything that you say. The buses have so much room in it, they smell like roses and the bus drivers are so nice they let you play board games in the middle of the walkway with no seatbelts. The teachers are amazing. They let you chew gum during tests and during class. They know everything and they speak like they are Albert Einstien or someone. But best of all. The principal is a nice young lady that when you are in trouble she listens to your side of the story as well as the other side. Welcome to our school. But that is not what they said so Danielle the bravest of the group went in to the school and said," They are just boys. Even if it is true it doesn't matter. What matters is that we are still friends and we can talk about our pros and cons about school and our teachers and stuff." Grace who happened to be the smartest said, "Well I know it isn't true. My brother went here and for his orientation I came here. There were no globs of slime, any dumb teachers, no dogs and no stinky buses. It is really the best school ever because I know I have been there before. And then I came in. " V girl, what is your "superpower?" I am smart Danny is brave, what about you?" I have the power to read minds. Well.. It isn't actually me it is me and my little recording machine. I record something someone says, and listen to what it says, and then I crack the code. I record suspicious things so I happened to record what Josh and Brenden said to us. And then I told Grace and Danny the real story.

Is She Mad?

    Okay now it is my turn to narrate. I am Danielle. I am the bravest so I decided that I was going to go in the school even if it is what Josh and Brenden described. Okay guys I don't care what the school looks like or is like. I just care about getting to school on the first day of school WITHOUT being late. " But Danny..." No buts Grace. I am going into that building with or without you guys." wow, harsh." "Yeah V. We will be lucky if she ever talks to us again."
          Okay, To clear one thing up I am not mad at Grace and Veronica.  And I am sad they didn't decide to come with me. It actually looks like a really good school. "Veronica. Do you think Danny is mad at us?" " Grace. You know her she doesn't get mad at us for little things like that. And we also have to get in the building before we are late. We have to be brave like her. C'mon we are gonna be late for homeroom." Hey guys. What's up?"Are you mad at us?" No "We are sorry that we decided not to come with you. It actually isn't a very bad school after all." Yeah I told you those boys were just trying to make us "afraid". Okay lets go to Math. I thought the math was pretty hard but it seemed easy after we did Science.
               "Hey Grace, Dan, do you want to come over to my house to do some homework? I just feel like we need to clear things up after what happened this morning. My mom said you could both come over if you ask our moms." "Yeah that would be great. C'mon Danny. Let's go ask our moms. We will be right back V."  And I guess it all worked out somewhere during the playdate but that is why I don't get mad about every little thing.

Computer Whiz!

  My name is Brooke. I am almost 10 years old and, if you ask me to do anything on computers I will be able to do it! When I was 8 my teacher asked me to do a power point for a meeting. The title was " Why do you think it is important to play fairly and be a good sport?" I asked her"Why do I have to do a power point? 1 I don't know how, 2 I think it would be better if I just wrote an essay or something. I don't think it would be very easy to find \pictures of playing fairly and good sportsmanship." " Okay if I were you ( which I am not) I would figure out how to do the power point. It is all computers and + you could get your parents to help you. But I am not you so I am going to give this assignment to someone who likes to take risks. ... I thought you could do this Brooke. " I felt horrible. I blew my teacher off, and She didn't think I could do it. I'll show her, I thought.
                 I am so glad I told my Mom about that whole incident. I even told her who she gave it to, Gabrielle. Gabrielle is a risk taker but she makes noises in class, she is a really horrible sport...( why would she give an assignment about being a good sport if she isn't one?), and she never turns in her HOMEWORK! If she never even bothers to look at her homework assignments and everything, she won't remember the power point and if she doesn't remember the power point, then Ms. Gabington won't have anything to present at her meeting! That will show her... but wait... I disagreed to doing the project so it isn't her fault. She is almost never mean. She doesn't deserve that. I asked my mom and she said it would be a great idea.
         So I got on the computer and found "Microsoft Power Point" and got to work. I found all of the pictures and wrote about everything and E-mailed the link to my teacher.
                  When I got to school the next day my teacher was so mad at me. "I assigned the project to Gabriel not you. Sit down and I will think about your consequence later. "Oh. Mrs. Gabington? I forgot about that power point thing over the weekend. I'm sorry. Maybe I can do it on our laptops instead of playing games today." Mrs. Gabington turned her head to me and smiled. OK you are off the hook but Ms. Gabrielle will be sitting in the principal's office during laptops.
        Ok that is is the story of 3rd grade but I have been known as the computer whiz ever since.  Until the new girl came. Nicole is so good with computers. She can type a whole book report in about 1 minute and 30 seconds. Whenever you need to find a website about a certain subject she will find one for you in 25secs. MAX.  I was really jealous at first but at recess, I became best friends with her. We are know known as the Computer Gals. "And I am happy that Nicole is my best friend.

Complaint Form

This is not the best of news for Nicole and I. There is a new computer out called The Whiz and it totally over rates us.  When Nicole saw the commercial about it she rushed straight to the phone and called me. I was so upset when I actually saw the commercial. Nicole actually wrote a business letter to them in "complaint form." Here is what she wrote... Dear people who made The Whiz: We are much better than that dumb computer and + we are not electronic. We were around before that computer. We think you should check us out, or put on all of your labels "Inspired by Nicole and Brooke" after you check us out. My address is 42896 cherrydale Rd. nyc new york 64286 and my friend lives right next door but if you pick me up I will grab her. Thanks for your time but I am warning you... You are not getting money from me. Nicole       I thought she was nuts but I think this could work.     The next day I heard someone at the door. It was Nicole and the manager of The Best Of The Best Computers. C'mon we are going to go to the studio and get interviewed and show him some of our computer skills. Wait let me ask my mom. "OK" Thanks Mom. I'll be back in an hour or two. See you later. "Love you"  Okay Nicole let's go.  And that is the beginning of my story. I will tell you the rest of the story in part 2. The interview.

The Interview

Now I will tell you the story about my interview with the Manager of Best of The Best Computers. 
        Hi. Remember me Brooke? I just finished my interview. Would you like to hear the story?
      "Okay girls. This interview will be on Channel 4 news so act like you are on your best behavior.  We will start in 5,4,3,2,1,  Okay Ms. Brooke Grapling. How did you find out about this computer?" "Well, Nicole called me and told me. I saw the exact same computer on a commercial, and then I was actually really upset." "And Nicole" "Well I saw it on a commercial and that's about it." "Okay then why do you think that you are so much better than this computer? Ms. Nicole Anderson" "I don't think I am I know I am. I can type a book report in 1 minute MAX. If you need to find a website about a certain subject, I will think, then I will get you onto it. I am not google and I am not electronic so I actually used to think I was pretty awesome. Now that the Whiz came out I find myself pretty lame." "I see. And Brooke." "Well when I was 8..." "Wow. I guess that is really cool. You, Ms. Brooke are not only a computer whiz, you are very responsible. I am very impressed. We will make a brand new computer that is not only inspired by you  but you get a free pass to here and you get to see how we make it. You get to suggest all of the features, and you get to pick the name of it!" We smiled at each other.  "The Bicole" Nicole said. "Or the Nooke" I said. We all laughed and we decided we would call it the Nooke , and we would have a thing on the desktop that said the Nook. It would hold of our special projects so whoever has the computer can see all of the power points and stuff that we make. Now I am really happy that I am best friends with Nicole. And in my next story I will describe the computer more.

The Nooke

Well I told you about the interview in the last story but now I will tell you more about the new computer that is based on me and Nicole. Hey remember me Brooke? In the interview last week we said we would call the new computer the Nooke. So yes there will be a Nook. You can install the Nook so you can see al the cool projects Nicole and I have done lately. Then there is another cool thing that you have to download . It is called the Nicole. It is free uthe nlike the Nook. But the Nicole tells how to be like her. Like doing the book reports and website thing. But the coolest thing on the computer so far is called It makes you be able to make your own website. It is so awesome. You can Design your own website background. You can also write stories and you can write about anything in the world. But you can only design your own website background if you download draw with Brooke, you can design your own backrounds online or you can just randomly draw. So with all the new things and those things the Best of the Best Computers manager said that the computer company would make about $20 million and we would each make $ 10 million. "OMG Brookie. We are making money" "Of course. We are designing a computer. Why wouldn't we get money." "We are going to be the most famous people in the world and we are only 10!" I am so excited!" So that is the story of the new computer and in the next story i will tell you about the computer when it comes out. WE are so excited for people to start buying it so we can make some money!

    Tell me! Write your own stories and tell me your name, your name of your story and if you give me permission to post it on this tab. You might see your story up here!

1st grade  books

My brother is in 1st grade so he helped me with this part.
The Bearnstien Bears, A picture book series about a mama bear, papa bear, sister and brother bears and their friends and adventures. My brother really likes these books and they are great for little people learning how to read.  Roscoe Riley series, are about a boy named Riley who has good ideas for good reasons but the outcome isn't so good though. In the first book he decides that it would be a good idea to glue his friends to chairs. Read More!

2nd grade books

Diary of a whimpy kid series, 4 books about a boy named Greg, his brothers Rodrick and Manny, is Mom his Dad and his friend Rowley. Just a normal kid in a normal middle school, with a whole bunch of different stories! Matilda- Is a wonderful book that is a great book that a whole family could listen to. I really liked it.

3rd grade books

The Mouse and the Motorcycle is about a mouse in a little hotel that has a friend which is a human. The boy's mother doesn't know that he is friends with a mouse and the mouse hopes they will never find out! The Cricket in Times Square is a bout a cricket who makes beautiful music and plays at a shop but one night he decides that maybe being in the music industry isn't right for him. I thought it was a really good book!                                          My Weird School ( My Weird School daze, My weirder School) Every teacher at A.J.'s school is CRAZY!!! My brother who is going into third grade loves them. I LOVE THEM TOO

5th grade books

The Secret Garden, is about a girl named Mary who hears a bout a Secret Garden, Secret Rooms and More. Did she ever find the Secret Garden? I m not going to tell you. Read it yourself!
A Little Princess, is a book about a girl named Sara who goes to boarding school just so her Dad can keep her safe because her Dad is a miner. Her Dad dies when she was still in boarding school, and now a little "former rich lady" is dreaming about having food.  It is one of the best books ever and it is by Frances Burnett who also wrote the Secret Garden.

Missing Since Monday, is about a girl named Maggie who is in charge of her sister for the weekend. When her sister never comes home from school she gets worried. She calls her sister's teacher and she says her sister ( Courtenay) wasnt at school. Her bus driver said she got off the bus. What happened to her and when will she return?

6th grade books

Wish stealers is a book about a girl named Griffin who is always making wishes. When a snister old woman tricks her into buying pennies from 200 years ago, Griffin learns they aren't just pennies but they are stolen wishes. I haven't read it yet but a few people recommended this to me and I read the Summary so based on what I have heard this is a really good book.
The Mysterious Benedict Society. THE BEST SERIES EVER!! I have only read one of the books but i am looking forward to reading the rest! It is about four gifted kids who go on aquest to save the world. They meet many people, villans and some people that they might be stuck with for the rest of their short? lives.
The Series Of Unfourtunate Events. Oh My god. The best series of 13 where each book has 13 chapters and 13 is not a lucky number. But anyway there is this villan following these 3 kids around. Violet Klaus and /Sunny Baudelaire, who's parents caught on fire when their mansion caught on fire. It is a scary series but they are the best books ever. I finished the whole series and I keep wanting to read it over and over again. They are by Lemony Snicket,so you know you are in for adventure.
The children of the Red King series. Charlie Bone...evil aunts, a case that was traded for a baby, the ability to read pictures, and more!! Best Book EVER